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Bibliotheca: First Impressions

It's been two and a half years since Adam Lewis Greene launched a crowdfunded project called Bibliotheca. I'm pleased to confirm that good things do indeed come to those who wait! For those who haven't heard of it, Bibliotheca is not an attempt to augment the Bible with copious study…

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Ezekiel's Temple Vision: Inner Court

Having posted some of my work on the gates of the Temple of Ezekiel's Prophecy, this post continues with material on the inner court. At this point it's worth giving an overview of the two courts. The outer court is walled, with gates to the north, south and east. No…

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Bible Reading Discussion Cards

Five years have passed since my wife and I began a little project to help encourage daily Bible reading. Not all our projects come to fruition, so the fact this one made it into production makes me quite proud of it. We even managed to sell out, largely by cornering…

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The Lost World of Scripture

It's unsurprising that virtually every Christian catechism is founded on the authority of the Bible. But there are many ways in which this authority can be understood: does it mean that the Bible is infallible? What does it mean for scripture to be inspired, or God-breathed? Were the ancient prophets…

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Ezekiel's Temple Vision: Gates

Ezekiel chapters 40 to 47 have fascinated me since I was little: the blueprints for a future Temple! However it is in these chapters more than any other that I wish the Bible included some handy illustrations to go alongside the text. I've been sitting on this study for a…

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8 principles of Bible interpretation

So you've probably come for the picture. We might as well get that over with first. Click below for a larger version. 8 Principles of Bible Interpretation - A BibleSnippets Infographic Background A little while ago I posted a few questions about Bible interpretation to a discussion group. I'd realised…

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Busting Gladwell's Goliath

Popular writer Malcolm Gladwell's "David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants" is not as good as I had hoped. I'm a great fan of Gladwell's Tipping Point and Outliers, so I had high hopes of a book based on an ostensibly Biblical theme. If you haven't…