An idea

Admittedly it may not be the most original idea that I have ever had -- apparently there are other blogs on the Internet too. But if you too have an interest in the Bible, then you will probably agree that there should be enough material to cover least one or two posts.

Welcome to :)

This site is about studying Scripture: everything from incredible Bible connections to book reviews, presentation tips and the best colours to mark your Bible.

Although the Bible isn't a popular subject in our increasingly secular world, I believe there are still plenty of people who want to read and discuss Scripture. If that describes you, then you just found a friend.

Whilst I am not setting out to promote particular doctrines it is inevitable that my beliefs as a Christadelphian will occasionally be reflected in the content of the site. My objective is not to debate theology but to share a love of the Bible that can be appreciated by all.

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Bible enthusiast, husband, Dad, and tech-head with too many projects and not enough time.