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Bible Prophecy Snippets: Introduction

Investigating the events of the last days can be an exercise in bewilderment. The diversity of views on the subject is staggering, ranging from the vaguest of fluffy generalisations right through to borderline-crazy conspiracy theories. This post is the first in a new series that aims to distil the end…

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4 Gospels of Resurrection: Matthew

Why do we have four different accounts of Jesus' life? Logic would suggest that a single, accurate, and comprehensive account would be the simplest way to share a complex story, yet the New Testament begins with four such accounts of Jesus' life. To the Bible student this may appear unnecessary…

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7 Logical Fallacies in the New Testament

During a recent email discussion I was accused of invoking "personal incredulity" in response to a particular interpretation of Scripture. Just in case I wasn't paying attention, my accuser provided a handy link to the definition: Because you found something difficult to understand, or are unaware of how it works,…

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Better Bibles

Discussing Bible translations often elicits strongly-held and surprisingly diverse opinions. These range from the "KJV only" camp to "any version will do". Until recently I sat somewhat cautiously in the middle of these two extremes, but that changed when I found the NET Bible (New English Translation). The Bible reading…

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Why Jairus was interrupted

The story of Jairus' daughter is standard fare in Children's Bibles, but there is a remarkable contrast hidden within this deceptively familiar tale which belies a deeper lesson, a shadow of God's dealings with His People through the ages. There are two interwoven stories in the Gospel accounts that conspire…

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Memorising more Scripture

My last post about memorising Scripture gave me a new burst of enthusiasm to get more of the Bible committed to memory. It also reminded me of a tool I used a few years ago to help with this: Anki. Anki is an app for flashcards. It works online and…

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Lost arts: memorising scripture

It's important to find a good Bible translation for reading and study, but once you've found one it is often considerably more difficult to find a format that works for you. I've mentioned my trials and tribulations in this area before, but there is another, slightly more revolutionary solution. Memorise…

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