Sleeve Mk 1

In which I marshal my oft neglected and potentially nonexistent needlecraft skills to fashion a rudimentary Bible sleeve, am ultimately pleased with the results, but am not quite sure exactly how I did it.

Having used and loved a traditional wide-margin Oxford KJV for many years I used my 30th birthday earlier this year as an excuse to splash out on a lighter, thinner, more reader-friendly Bible in the form of Allan's KJV Longprimer as reviewed at Bible Design Blog.

I was particularly taken by the full-yapp covers as my Oxford had accumulated a lot of wear on thick page edges. It was also clear that the weight of the paper was beginning to take its toll on the spine. My Bible spends a lot of time in transit and the constant movement is very damaging.

A month or so ago the Longprimer's presentation box finally gave up the ghost. I looked at various Bible cases and was dismayed that none of them seemed very snug. Most are described as "covers" rather than "cases" or "sleeves".

Oddly it's very easy to find quality gear for carrying technology around. All I want is essentially a thicker iPad case, and so I set about making one. Here is the result:

It's a little rough around the edges and turned out much thicker than I expected, but really protects the Bible when in a bag. Briefly it comprises:

  1. A 3mm thick rubber sheet (eBay), scored and folded at the bottom.

  2. The rubber is spray glued on both sides to rolls of felt.

  3. Fabric first pinned, then stitched to the felt edges. This gives the case a rigid front and back with sides that nip the yapp cover and keep it tight.

Unfortunately I'm not quite sure how I did it. I took a few photos, but they're quite grainy because it was late at night. As a result I now have to decide whether to undo the stitching and reverse-engineer the pattern to make a thinner version with neater edges, or accept that it works and get it machine stitched.

Whichever I decide to do I'll post some updated pictures, but for now here are a few of the creation hacking process.

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