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Tales of the unexplained

We have a lot of opportunity to listen to people talk about the Bible, perhaps in a highly academic lecture, or a more practical tale of discipleship. But sometimes we find that the speaker just doesn't connect with us. Usually I put this down to the style or approach of…

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After the thousand years

In which I review a book entitled "After the thousand years". Published in 1907, George Trench sets out to survey what the Bible tells us about the time period beyond the thousand year Kingdom established at Christ's return, and what this means to us now. One of the great blessings…

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Getting to the punchline

In which I enthusiastically recommend an effective remedy for forgettable presentations, and ponder the wisdom of PowerPoint. Have you ever had a moment at the end of a Bible lecture or sermon where you struggle to remember point the speaker was trying to make? I have. Even reviewing some of…

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